Tim Cook advised to switch to Android

Boosting discussion around the App Store processdownloading and installing applications by users on the iPhone - forced the head of Apple Tim Cook to intervene in the dispute, who said that the iPhone provides maximum security and privacy. People who are not worried about online security, according to Cook, can switch to Android.

Speaking at the DealBook conference from The New YorkTimes, Cook noted that a customer seeking "dishonest" downloads should buy an Android smartphone. Where some users see the main disadvantage of the iOS operating system, which is expressed in the closed system, Apple developers see the main advantage.

According to Cook, his company managed to createthe most protected and safest ecosystem. At the same time, he compared Android to a car devoid of airbags and seat belts. According to research by Apple, Android smartphones have been attacked by mobile malware 15 to 47 times more often than Phone smartphones.

It is noteworthy that the distribution of applicationsthrough the App Store allows Apple to receive from 15 to 30% commission on each purchase. According to Cook, the company always only lowers the commission and has never increased it. In the near future, a law may be passed in South Korea prohibiting platform owners from restricting users to only one way of receiving applications.

During his speech, Cook also stated that heowns cryptocurrency and such investments are reasonable. He noted that it is profitable to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum to diversify investments. At the same time, Cook did not specify the volume of his own investments and did not tell which digital assets he acquired.

Source: macrumors