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Is the secret of the Dyatlov pass finally revealed?

Mysterious death of tourists in the Ural Mountains inFor more than sixty years, 1959 has been haunting the minds of people from all over the world. On January 23, a group of nine experienced tourists, led by Igor Dyatlov, set off on a campaign dedicated to the 21st Congress of the CPSU, which belonged to the highest category of complexity. On February 1, 1959, in one of the places in the Urals, now known as the “Dyatlova Pass”, the group took refuge in their tents. However, already at night, all the expedition members cut the tents from the inside and ran out into the terrible cold in their underwear and without shoes, and after a while, the search group found mutilated bodies of tourists. Now, according to the results of the investigation, representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office said they had unraveled the mystery of the death of the Dyatlov group.

The chilling story of experienced tourists who disappeared in the Ural Mountains more than sixty years ago formed the basis of numerous myths, legends and conspiracy theories

What happened at the Dyatlov pass?

The history of the Dyatlov group - almost revivedhorror movie. For decades, the mysterious death of nine young tourists has become a real conspiracy theory. And there is nothing strange in it. Judge for yourself - suddenly, in the middle of the night, nine people in a hurry cut tents from the inside, as if some irresistible force is chasing them, striving to tear them to pieces. Without shoes and clothes, tourists fled from the camp, despite the piercing cold. By morning, they were all dead. As later established by Soviet officials, six tourists died of hypothermia, while three others had chest injuries and skull fractures. One of the women there was no tongue or eyes.

According to RIA Novosti with reference toThe Prosecutor General’s Office, the mysterious death of Dyatlov’s group was caused by hypothermia, disorientation and an avalanche, and the recently resumed investigation is now closed. The comments of prosecutors are the latest attempt to dispel numerous conspiracy theories and rumors related to the notorious incident at Dyatlov Pass. Recall that in 2019, representatives of the General Prosecutor's Office announced the resumption of the investigation into the mysterious death of Russian tourists in the Ural Mountains.

Photographs of tourists filmed on film foundin the camp, and presented at the inquiry: Yuri Yudin hugs Lyudmila Dubinina when he is preparing to leave the group due to illness, and Igor Dyatlov looks at him.

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Six decades ago, Soviet investigatorscame to the conclusion that during the night the “unknown force majeure” prompted two women and seven men to leave their tents and flee the camp. Some decided that the cause of the deaths of tourists was a murder, which was very unusual, and dozens of conspiracy theories, including versions of animal attacks, military trials, and even alien intervention, gave rise to conclusions about "unknown, force majeure."

The group left 50 meters from the tent and headedto the stone ridge - the natural limiter of the avalanche. They did everything right. But there is a second reason why the group was sentenced. When they turned around, they did not see the tent - all because they moved 50 meters away, and visibility was only 16.

Deputy Head of the Office of the Prosecutor General in the Ural Federal District Andrei Kuryakov.

From the moment the investigation wasreinstated, the prosecutor's office worked out 75 versions of the death of the Dyatlov group. Of these, several key ones were identified - missile tests, a nuclear explosion, a hurricane, seismic activity in the Northern Urals, unidentified luminous objects (UFOs) and an avalanche. Since over the years the close attention of the general public and journalists was riveted to the incident, in 2013 Hollywood even made a film based on this tragic story. The incident, as they say, aroused the interest of young Boris Yeltsin, in those years an official of the Communist Party, who later became president of Russia. Yeltsin strongly suspected the concealment of information as a consequence, but that was not all.

A roll of black and white film discovered by a search team at the scene showed a happy group of tourists, unaware of the fate that awaits them.

This is interesting: Why are conspiracy theories so popular?

Representatives told reportersprosecutors, the investigation concluded that tourists left their tents at night during severe weather conditions to avoid a possible avalanche, but then became disoriented and froze. This is certainly a rather strange scenario, since all the tourists were experienced. However, poor visibility and severe weather conditions, according to the investigation, doomed the group to death. Despite the fact that it is not easy to dispel all remaining suspicions, the conclusion is that in conditions of poor visibility the group could not find their tent looks very believable and the mutilated bodies of some participants in the campaign turned out to be such because of the avalanche. Do you think that tourists really died due to an avalanche? We will wait for the answer here!