A mysterious metal prism similar to the one that disappeared in Utah appears in Romania

Mystical story with a metal prism fromUtah (USA), made in a style borrowed from the fantastic saga of Arthur Clarke, received an unexpected continuation on the other side of the world - in Romania. While the American metal suddenly disappeared, on the territory of Romania, in the legendary region of the Chahlau mountain range, a European counterpart appeared - a shiny metal triangular prism with mysterious inscriptions on the edges.

European lovers of mystical mysteries do notwill have to spend a lot of time looking for a Romanian metal pillar - unknown enthusiasts placed it on the excavation site, in a state-protected area near the Dacian Petrodava fortress (82 BC to 106 AD). The object is 4 meters (about 13 pounds) high and faces towards the Sacred Mountain of the Cahlau Massif, one of the seven natural wonders of Romania. According to the authorities, no one received permission to install the metal monolith.

The American prism was about 12 feet high.Almost the same height and the prism installed by unknown persons in Romania. However, the lateral surfaces of the European object are painted with mysterious drawings, and one of the faces has a clear orientation towards the legendary mountain associated with the long opposition of the heroic Dacia to the Roman conquerors and the mythical legend that arose after that about the Emperor Trajan and the daughter of the Dacian king Dokia.

Currently, representatives of the Romanian Ministry of Culture, which is in charge of the territory where the mysterious object appeared, are investigating and looking for the owners of the monolith.

Source: dailymail