From the point of view of science: love and money

According to a new study published in Frontiers magazine, how we choose a partner for a romantic relationship is affected by our financial situation.

“We wanted to figure out what role money the development of love relationships, since so far there has been little scientific information on this subject, ”says Professor Darius Chan from the Psychological Department of the University of Hong Kong.

In total, scientists conducted two experiments in whichChinese colleges in long-term heterosexual relationships attended. Couples were placed in conditions where they felt richer or poorer than most of the people around them.

The first study found thataffluent men are generally less satisfied with the physical attractiveness of their current partners and are more likely to seek short-term relationships than those who feel poorer than others.

During the second experiment, it was found thatrich people are much easier to communicate with an attractive member of the opposite sex. It is curious that men, regardless of their financial situation, often occupy places next to attractive women than women with handsome men.

"We found that, becoming richer, menraise the bar of expectations regarding the appearance of potential partners. In addition, they are more prone to fleeting ties than their poor comrades. Women are less susceptible to such a metamorphosis, because, from the point of view of evolutionary biology, they need a long-term relationship to successfully complete their reproductive mission, ”Chan explained.

It seems that the assessment of their own financialsolvency becomes a decisive factor in a person's choice of marriage strategy. Despite the fact that the study was conducted among representatives of Asian culture, scientists are convinced that the results of the work are applicable to all of humanity.

“We believe that research in other countrieswill confirm our conclusions, because when choosing sexual partners, basic biological mechanisms that are common to representatives of any cultures are included, ”said Chan.