A flock of miniature robots jointly paint pictures (video)

In the view of modern man, "swarm"miniature robots are associated with military or search operations, or with communications and communications systems. However, the latest developments by a group of scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology involve the use of a coordinated group of robots to create an art canvas.

At the current level of development of technology "swarm"robots are able to paint a predefined area of ​​the canvas in a certain color. The work of a group of robots resembles the now popular painting by numbers, when a specific color is assigned a number corresponding to the paints supplied in the kit. However, the robots work simultaneously, taking into account the presence of other "mechanical artists" on the canvas.

Each wheeled robot charged with a specificpaint, receives information about the areas that he has to paint. In this case, the robot receives data about the location of other devices and their trajectory. As a result of the joint work of several mechanisms, painting of a large area will be carried out with maximum efficiency and speed.

In the future, the developers plan to install multicolor cartridges on robots, and to create more sophisticated color shades, "teach" robots to "mix" paints directly on the picture.

Project manager Maria Santos compared the work of the swarm to an artist's brush, where each robot moves across the canvas like the bristles of a brush, in accordance with specified color parameters.

Source: newatlas