Comparison of the performance of the ARM processor Apple M1 with Intel and AMD (3 photos)

During last week's presentation of laptopsMacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13 with Apple's proprietary Silicon M1 chip based on ARM architecture, the developers announced the uniquely high performance of the processors that replace the chips from Intel. The superiority of the new chip over previous models of MacBooks powered by Intel processors has been confirmed in tests on the Geekbench5 benchmark. The new benchmarks on the Cinebench R23 benchmark compared the performance of the M1 with new Intel and AMD processors.

Testing has shown that in single-core modethe M1 processor, manufactured using a 5nm process technology, loses to the Intel Core i7 1185G7 and Intel Core i7 1165G7 chips created using the 10nm process technology. At the same time, there is a slight superiority of the M1 over the AMD Ryzen 4900H processor, created using the 7 nm process technology.

Testing in multi-core mode showed thatApple Silicon M1 was in seventh place, behind six 7 nm processors AMD Ryzen 9, Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5. At the same time, manufactured using 14 nm process technology Intel Core i7-10850H lost only 53 points to the M1 (less than one percent).

All processors that pass the test were designedspecially for use in laptops. Experts believe that Apple's transition to M1 processors with ARM architecture will not affect the x86 processor market segment.

Source: wccftech