Engy Health Sports Trainer and Physiologist in Your Pocket - Complete Service Overview

Medy-tech service Engy Health introducedultra-precise heart rate monitor ENGY Beat, which measures the heart rate and, based on it, using the methodology of heart rate variability (HRV) determines the energy, stress, tension, recovery and user's health level. The platform was created with the support of the scientific team of the IMBP RAS, responsible for the biomedical support of Russian cosmonauts. At the same time, the Engy Beat heart rate monitor is used in scientific and medical projects of the RAS and NASA. Revision tested Engy Beat in action and shares a review.

Materiel: briefly on heart rate variability

Heart Rate Variability Methodology (HRV,in international terminology, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) appeared in space cardiology in the mid-1960s. The basis of HRV was the development of medical specialists whose goal was to prevent diseases and disruptions of astronauts in extremely stressful flight conditions and prepare for them.

Scientists have found that depending on the levelphysiological and mental stress changes not only the heart rate, but also the duration between heartbeats. An analysis of this phenomenon made it possible to identify the wave structure of impact variability and determine its cause. In particular, scientists determined the effect on the heart rhythm of the sympathetic system (responsible for the response to stress) and the parasympathetic system (responsible for relaxation and recovery). Thus, the HRV methodology made it possible at any time to determine the ratio of tension and recovery (vegetative balance), when exceeding the norm of which a person runs the risk of breaking down due to overvoltage or inadequate reaction to stress.

Since the 1970s, HRV began to actively penetrate intosports, as professional athletes, like cosmonauts, are constantly exposed to stressful loads, and sports physicians must under these conditions exclude the risk of physiological breakdowns before competitions.

Today, HRV is actively appearing in everydaylife through fitness gadgets and heart rate monitors. Chest heart rate monitors are popular among athletes for HRV analysis. Engy Health introduced the option of a reliable and miniature ultra-sensitive heart rate monitor with HRV support, which will be convenient not only for athletes, but also for ordinary users for measurements at home or in the office. The modern resident of the metropolis is under increasing stress, and therefore the measurement of health by “space exploration” is becoming increasingly relevant.

Tesu ENGY Beat

The Engy Beat heart rate monitor comes complete with instructions, a charging cord and a bag for storage.

Engy Beat is made of durable polycarbonate withmetal inserts-electrodes. The gadget is compact (88 * 49 * 8 mm) and lightweight (33 grams), it is convenient to carry it in your pocket or purse, and therefore it is comfortable to use almost anywhere - at home, in the work environment or in the fitness room. The hypersensitivity of measurements in Engy Beat is achieved precisely due to the tight contact of the body with the electrodes - the results of measurements on the "clearance" of the skin on the wrist with the help of a fitness bracelet will give much more "noise".

The gadget works in conjunction with a smartphone, onwhich installs the Engy Health app (iOS and Android). To communicate with a smartphone, the Bluetooth Smart protocol is used. When you pick up the device in accordance with the prompt on the front image, the blue indicator on the readiness to transmit data via Bluetooth turns on.

The second indicator - green - works incharging time from the network. One end fits the gadget's connector, the other a standard USB connector. Charges Engy Beat for an hour. After two weeks of use, the charge level from 100% decreased to 92%. According to data from the manufacturer, one charge lasts for several months of operation when measuring 5 minutes several times a day.

How to measure HRV?

Engy Health App Available for iOS Platformsand Android. To use it, you need an Engy Beat heart rate monitor, although it is possible to connect popular in Russia sports chest heart rate monitors from other manufacturers Polar, Suunto, Garmin, Wahoo, etc.

At the first measurement, if the phone is turned onBluetooth, heart rate monitor will be detected automatically. You do not need to do anything else. When you click the "New Measurement" button, a screen appears with the measurement rules and brief instructions for measuring HRV.

After successful connection, the screen appears."Measurement" with fixation of time of measurement and pulse. Measurements are taken within 5 minutes, while during this time you can’t move, cough, sneeze or even swallow saliva: all this immediately makes noise in the pulsogram and distorts the data. The manufacturer indicates the need to take measurements in the morning after waking up before breakfast in order to see the state of the body at rest after a nightly recovery. A green indicator on the screen indicates the absence of extraneous noise in the measurement. The red indicator will indicate if noise appears in the measurement.

After the first measurements, it becomes clear that you need a habit for a 5-minute measurement in the morning, similar to meditation.

Measurement results

Upon the fact of each measurement, Engy Health's solution puts on the first page 6 instant health indicators:

• Energy (Total Power). Defines the user's energy resources.
• Stress (Stress Index). Detects stress levels.
• Pulse
• RMSSD. A measure of recovery that is popular in sports. Helps to avoid overvoltage and see your optimal level of physical activity.
• LF / HF balance. The balance of stress and recovery, or the vegetative balance. Helps to identify the risks of overvoltage if stress prevails over recovery.
• The condition of the circulatory system
• Integrated indicator-chart “Balance of reserves and voltage”. Shows a comprehensive state of health.

Each indicator is accompanied by a clear description and clear recommendations on what needs to be done to prevent health, reduce stress and tension, or improve your performance.

The indicator diagram “Balance of reserves and stress” shows the ratio of physiological reserves and stress of the body, determining the state in one of the parts of the diagram:

• Norm. You are healthy. The nervous system copes with the load.
• Moderately. Prenosological condition. The body begins to strain, but is controlled with the load.
• Not good. Premorbid state. There is a risk of breakdown and disease
• Poorly. It is more likely that the user is sick or urgently needs to see a doctor.

The chart was developed by a professor, academician,Senior Researcher, Institute of Biological Medicine, RAS R.M. Bayevsky, considered one of the founders of HRV, the developers say. The chart is actively used to determine the complex state of health and the risks of developing diseases.

In case of questions from users inIn the “Chat” section it is possible to get advice from a professional physiologist on personal measurements. A physiologist consultant can give expert advice on the state of health, the need to adjust the working mode, sleep mode or physical training based on the results of HRV measurements. The application is free, but each consultation, except the first, is paid in the amount of 299 rubles.

Big Data Health, or Biohacker Happiness

For fans in everything to get to the bottom of the mainThe application page has a section "Dynamics indicators". Here you can explore long-term health trends by 13 indicators for any period of time.

The user is invited to mark the interestingindicators, after which the corresponding diagrams appear below. The point of this section is to let the user see the interdependencies. For example, the dependence of the pulse and the level of recovery, or the level of energy and stress.

Manufacturers note that afterHRV measurements will become a daily habit, users can identify the effects on health, stress and energy of work, sleep, nutrition, physical activity, sex, etc. for the formation of an individual, most conducive to health, lifestyle and work-life balance.

Stress - go away

The Engy Health app has severalindicators reflecting the user's stress level. At the same time, the developers note that although there is a correlation between physiological and psychological stress, they are two different concepts. Each of them can be seen in the application.

The stress index reflects the physiological statestress. This indicator is more relevant for athletes who live in a targeted increase in physiological stress as part of the training process.

Psychological and psychoemotional stress to a greater extent reflects the power indicator of the frequency of VLF waves in the spectrogram, or the humoral system, to which a separate schedule is devoted - VLF.

Functionality for Athletes

Engy Health based service metricsHRV will be more interesting for athletes on heart rate variability, although it can certainly be used by any user. For amateurs and professional athletes, it is absolutely free to control stress and adjust loads during the training process and preparation for competitions. Among the "sports" indicators, Engy Health developers note:

• RMSSD is a recovery indicator that correlates with the performance of the parasympathetic system. With a decrease in RMSSD, Engy Health recommends reducing the load, while increasing, increase it.
• CV - an indicator of stabilization of RMSSD. The higher the athlete’s fitness, the more stable his recovery
• Pulse - the higher the athlete's fitness, the lower the pulse in a calm state

Engy Health App Shows RMSSD Trendthrough the average for 7 days, as well as individual norms, the output of which will indicate an imbalance in the physiological state of the athlete. In fact, in this way the application can replace a professional sports physiologist trainer.

Conclusion Pros and Cons of Engy Health Platform

Based on the fact of personal measurement experience with Engy Health, we would identify the following pros and cons of the platform.

• Need a habit. Each HRV measurement with Engy Health takes 5 minutes to do in the morning. In practice, this turns into a certain meditative practice that you need to get used to. For users with young children, finding 5 minutes in the morning can be quite difficult.
• Cost of Engy Beat. The cost of the gadget Engy Beat at the time of writing the review is 10,999 rubles. The developers claim that for this money the user gets an unprecedented accuracy of measurements, due to which the gadget is used in NASA and RAS experiments. To get around this minus, to connect to Engy Health you can buy Garmin, Polar, or Suunto chest heart rate monitors with a cost of more than 5,000 rubles, which, in our opinion, can be a reasonable substitute for most of the audience, taking into account the reputation and popularity of these heart rate monitors in the market.

• Free app. Most of the similar health services based on HRV / HRV are paid and monetized through subscription. Engy Health allows you to control your health just like astronauts and professional athletes, absolutely free
• Clear and understandable information. In fact, the service decrypts a huge array of cardiological and physiological information into a simple language and gives clear recommendations on what to do in case of deterioration. A separate plus is the Russian language, because not every Russian is able to perceive a physiological text in English.
• Baevsky diagram. We did not find other services on the market with this diagram. This is a very simple way to see a complex state of health on a scale from pathology to normal and get recommendations for improving your health
• Chat with a physiologist. The application allows you to contact the physiologist and get advice from a specialist in case of questions. And although the consultation is paid (299), the cost of the consultation is quite acceptable