British special forces "attacked" the ship using jetpacks (video)

First indications of management interestthe British Marine Corps in use in combat operations of the concept of a jetpack appeared in early 2019. Now a video has appeared on the Internet, presented by the United States Naval Institute (USNI), which shows the practical use of such a device when landing a British Marine on a moving ship. The jetpack fuel is said to provide continuous flight for 8 minutes.

The power plant of the "flying military" consists offive compact jet engines, four of which are mounted on the arms and one behind the back. The total engine power of 1000 horsepower provides a speed of up to 88.5 km / h. Currently under development is an upgraded model of the backpack, which allows speeds up to 322 km / h (200 mph).

The knapsack is being developed by SalisberetskayaGravity Industries, and the inventor is the famous English engineer and entrepreneur Richard Browning. Earlier in January 2019, in the Daedalus suit, made in the style of "Iron Man", the British military had already overcome the ground obstacle course.

Source: NavalInstitute