Special ProtoSpray spray turns any surface into a touch panel (video)

University of Bristol Development Teamcreated a technology capable of changing the idea of ​​a touch screen as an object located in one plane and limited by a rectangular shape. The integration of material spraying technology and 3D printing is called ProtoSpray and allows you to turn almost any surface into a touch panel.

The demo video shows the process of spraying ProtoSpray onto the surface of a cube, hemisphere or looped tube. The purpose of the video was to demonstrate the broad capabilities of the new technology.

When using ProtoSpray technologythere is a combination of printed using a 3D printing base connected to the electrodes and a uniformly applied layer of electroluminescent ink (EL). Thus, touch displays can now be placed on surfaces of any configuration, and not be limited to flat screens.

In the process of supplying electricity, the surface, withapplied ProtoSpray, can be painted in a certain color or respond to touch. The technology can be used when creating pointers on curved surfaces, and also used when opening doors.

Source: bristol