A microscope has been created that can see the movement of photons of light (2 photos + video)

In the field of fundamental scienceanother breakthrough that can provide a solution to many problems in the development of a quantum computer and the creation of high-contrast displays using the capabilities of QLED quantum dot technology.

Using ultrafast translucentelectron microscope allowed researchers from the laboratory of the Technion Institute of Technology of Israel to see the "dynamics of photons locked in nanocrystals." Previously, all the processes of motion of light photons were studied using computer simulation. During the experiment, nanocrystals or photonic cavities were used, in which scientists were able to observe the interaction and movement of photons and electrons.

A perfect breakthrough in quantum science canto ensure the further development of technologies associated with the creation of quantum computers. In particular, new quantum materials capable of stabilizing qubits used in future computers for data storage can be developed.

Source: phys