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A device for fast removal of alcohol from blood has been created

According to the World Health Organization,about 3 million people die every year from alcohol in the world. The harmful effects of alcoholic beverages cause about 200 different health problems. And if the concentration of alcohol in the blood becomes too high, there is intoxication, which can lead to the death of a person. In case of alcohol poisoning from the human body, it is necessary to remove all excess ethyl alcohol and for this they usually resort to rather complex medical procedures. But recently, Canadian scientists have developed a simple device for removing alcohol - it's the size of a small suitcase. All a person with poisoning has to do is just breathe deeply.

The sobering mask looks like this

Intoxication - a condition that occurs when psychoactive substances enter the human body. They cause disturbances in consciousness, behavior and reactions. Is it easy to say, then intoxication is the same as intoxication.

Why is man getting drunk?

Any alcohol is a drink thatwhich contains ethyl alcohol. When a person drinks beer, vodka, and so on, the liquid enters the digestive system. Alcohol is absorbed in the intestines and enters the bloodstream, which carries it throughout the body. Along with blood, alcohol occurs wherever there are blood vessels. Alcohol even reaches the brain cells through the walls of blood vessels. Having penetrated into them, alcohol prevents them from exchanging information, which is why symptoms of intoxication arise:

  • due to malfunctions in the cerebellum, a person begins to lose balance;
  • the body begins to produce a lot of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), due to which there is a slowdown in speech and movement;
  • increased production of "hormones of happiness and love" dopamine and endorphins, which makes a person feel good emotionally;
  • due to the malfunctioning of the brain, a person's consciousness begins to function poorly and he begins to do what he would never have dared to do soberly.

All of these symptoms of intoxication do not disappear until the alcohol leaves the body. And it leaves through the liver and lungs. This may explain why drunk people smell so bad.

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How quickly to sober up?

To date, it is used to remove alcohol from the blood hemodialysis... This is the name of a medical procedure forelimination of harmful substances from the body. But there is also an easier way in the form of oxygen therapy. This principle is based on the fact that the deeper a person breathes and exhales more strongly, the faster alcohol is excreted from his body. But in the course of this process, carbon dioxide is also released from the body along with alcohol. And its lack leads to such unpleasant consequences as dizziness, numbness of the limbs and even loss of consciousness. Therefore, this method is used very rarely.

This is how the hemodialysis process looks like

As an alternative to this method, scientistshave developed a device that makes up for the lack of carbon dioxide in the body. It monitors how much gas is released from the human body during deep breathing and maintains it at an optimal level. Outwardly, the device resembles a small suitcase, from which there is a hose with a breathing mask at the other end. The effectiveness of the device has been proven in an experiment with five volunteers. They put on a mask and breathed deeply. It turned out that this helped them sober up three times faster than usual. Without the device, they would quickly pass out, but it kept the carbon dioxide levels in their bodies at normal levels.

Clearmate device

Unfortunately, the researchers did not showwhat the device looks like. But it was created on the basis of the Clearmate device, which costs 20 thousand dollars. In terms of our money, this is about 1.5 million rubles. But the developers assure that it does not require large investments to create it from scratch, because there are no expensive elements in the design. It is not known when the device will be used in hospitals.

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It is noteworthy that in some cases a personcan get drunk without even drinking alcohol. In 2019, I talked about a 46-year-old resident of the American state of South Carolina, who was almost always drunk. Since he did not drink alcohol, he decided to go to the hospital. It turns out that due to a rare disease, beer fermented regularly in his intestines. You can read more about this unusual phenomenon in this article.