Created a digital camera with a resolution of 3200 Mp for space exploration (6 photos + video)

Explorers of outer space will receive a newa unique tool that allows you to update the view of earthlings about the map of the location of billions of galaxies, and will reveal many secrets of the Universe, including the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy. Using the potential of scientists from Stanford University, the SLAC laboratory, operating under the US Department of Energy, has created a unique digital matrix with a resolution of 3,200 megapixels. Scientists have already taken the first digital images. An unusually powerful device will soon be installed in the world's largest digital camera being built at SLAC for the Vera Rubin Observatory in Chile.

The first pictures taken with the matrixthe resolution of 3,200 megapixels is so large that it would take 378 television screens to display them in 4K resolution. High detail allows you to view the golf ball up to 15 miles (24 km).

After installing a unique camera in the Chileanobservatory, scientists will conduct a panoramic survey of the southern hemisphere of the sky over the next 10 years. One panorama will be created every few nights. The results will be used to create a unique atlas of the southern hemisphere of the starry sky, which will catalog over 20 billion galaxies.

The technical parameters of the new camera allowcreate high resolution photos. In fact, the focal plane contains 189 individual sensors, each with a resolution of 16 megapixels. The result is an image with 3.2 billion pixels, each about 10 microns wide. The focal plane of the camera is also one of the smoothest human-created planes. The deviation from the ideal plane is no more than one tenth of the thickness of a human hair. A telescope equipped with a new camera will be able to detect objects 100 million times fainter than those that the human eye can see.

Source: stanford

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