Created a glove that transmits touch at a distance (2 photos)

Modern communications have already donevideo calls are a common, everyday thing. However, in the near future, interlocutors will be able to communicate using tactile sensations, transmitting a friendly shaking of hands or touching through thousands of kilometers. Scientists at the University of South Wales in Sydney have created a soft, wearable device that can be used like a glove to simulate touch.

The new device can be used in medical,industrial and entertainment applications. The inventors believe the technology will allow people to touch a loved one during a video call or pick up a tool in a video game. University engineers are currently testing the device and seeking funding to commercialize the technology.

Tactile technology in a wearable devicesimulates touch by stimulating areas of the skin as it is felt in the real world. Force, vibration and movement are used for stimulation. Tactile feedback is an important part of people's daily lives, from being able to hold a cell phone to typing on a computer. Also, engineers note that using the technology, it is possible to conduct a remote examination by a doctor, which is especially important in an epidemic.

The most promising application of the newdevelopment is the creation of gloves providing a deep diving effect with feedback. However, at the moment, it has not yet been possible to create a glove capable of both transmitting and receiving a signal.

Source: slashgear