A protective mask with an LED screen has been created

The coronavirus pandemic has almostfor all spheres of human activity, including the modeling business. Many well-known brands have already released protective medical masks with their own logos, allowing people to stand out from the monotonous crowd. However, bold designers have also appeared in this market, using high technologies to create masks.

Designer Chelsea Klukas used LEDtechnology by placing the LED matrix screen on the front face of the face shield, providing the user with both safety and creativity. At the same time, the owner of the mask will be able to independently choose the individual content displayed on the LED screen. For this, an application on a smartphone was used.

Screen is airtight and breathable by usercan only through the fabric located above and below the thin LED matrix insert. The screen can be removed to disinfect the mask. The kit includes a battery and a charging cord.

According to the designer, the mask uses greatin demand, but all the commercial profits from the sale of the devices, which amounted to about $ 5,000 in June alone, were sent to the WHO fund to fight COVID-19.

Source: theverge