Smart shotgun MP-155 Ultima "Kalashnikov" will present already in August

Russian gunsmiths from the Kalashnikov concernin the coming weeks will present a unique development of a smart-gun that works in conjunction with a smartphone. The novelty, developed on the basis of the MP-155 smoothbore rifle, was named MP-155 Ultima.

First announcement of a future SMART presentationweapons, appeared on the official resource of the concern "Kalashnikov" "VKontakte". The main advantage of the future smart gun will be the ability to integrate it with a smartphone. The production of the MP-155 rifle with caliber 12/76 and 20/76, which is the basis for smart weapons, has been established at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant.

In a short demo video you canconsider the unusual futuristic design of the prototype of a gun with a screen on which there are menu sections: Camera, Media, Shooting, Time, Settings and Compass. Other tactical and technical characteristics are not disclosed and will most likely be presented at the Army2020 military-technical forum, which is scheduled to be held from 23 to 29 August in the Patriot park located in the Moscow region.

Source: VK