OnePlus Nord smartphone fails endurance test (video)

The long-awaited mid-budget smartphonesegment OnePlus Nord, the presentation of which was held last week, has already been tested by the authoritative blogger Zach Nilsson. A video has already appeared on the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, telling about the unpacking process, the basic configuration of the device and its physical parameters.

In particular, Nielson scratched the display, framesdevices and the surface above the fingerprint sensor, heated the surface of the screen with a lighter. In the final stage, the enthusiast conducted the traditional bending strength test of the OnePlus Nord case.

The surface of the smartphone is not very highresistance to scratching by hard objects, and this figure corresponds to the standards existing in the modern market. Glass is scratched by objects with a hardness of 6 or more on the Mohs scale. It is noteworthy that after significant scratching in the area of ​​the sub-screen fingerprint sensor, the sensor showed excellent performance, which caused the admiration of Zach Nielson.

Also the performance of the screen is fastrecovered after a short temperature exposure to fire from a lighter. While scratching the side frames, Zak made sure they were made of plastic and only the buttons were metal.

This design played a tragic role inthe last test, when Nielson began to bend the OnePlus Nord case. As a result of the test, the frame failed and bent, and the AMOLED screen burst under the protective glass and lost its functionality. Also, in the area of ​​the buttons, the plastic frame burst as expected. All attempts to revive the device have yielded no results. We can conclude that when using the OnePlus Nord smartphone, which will go on sale on August 4 at a price of 400 euros for the base model (8/128 GB), one should take into account the weakness of the case when working in bending.