Google Pixel 4a compared to OnePlus Nord in performance

Currently in the mid-budget segmentThere are several smartphones on the market from leading companies. A few days after the official presentation by Google of the long-awaited smartphone Pixel 4A, enthusiasts from the YouTube channel SpeedTest G tested the device's performance and compared it with the capabilities of its closest competitor - OnePlus Nord. Despite the difference in the hardware base of smartphones, the smartphone from Google has passed the test with dignity and showed good results.

As a reminder, the Pixel 4A has a processorSnapdragon 730G with integrated Adreno 618 video chip, and OnePlus Nord smartphone is powered by Snapdragon 765G chip with Adreno 620. The test was carried out using the Speed ​​Test G benchmark, which is designed to measure the real performance of devices running Android.

The difference in the hardware base of smartphones did not lead tothe Pixel 4A lags significantly behind in the test. As a result, OnePlus Nord completed the task in 2 minutes and 21 seconds, while the Pixel 4A took a little more - 2 minutes and 38 seconds. A significant lag was shown only in graphics processing, during which the device from Google was 13 seconds behind the competitor.

Thus, the Pixel 4A smartphone, the costwhich is $ 349, demonstrated performance nearly identical to the $ 499 OnePlus Nord device. How much the consumer is willing to overpay $ 150 for a relatively small increase in performance will show in the near future the results of device sales.

Source: androidauthority