Scooters and scooters SEAT with a radius of autonomous driving from 65 to 125 km (6 photos + video)

Leading car manufacturers are increasinglyare turning to new small urban vehicles, such as the increasingly popular electric scooters. The Spanish automaker SEAT, part of the Volkswagen AG concern, following the example of its competitors Audi and BMW, announced the launch of the SEAT MO eScooter / eKickScooter series of scooters and scooters using an electric motor as an engine. The use of small vehicles solves the problem of transportation in densely populated metropolitan areas, and allows optimizing the placement of vehicles in remote parking lots.

Introduced SEAT Electric Scooter ModelThe SEAT MO eScooter 125 receives a 9 kW motor with a torque of 240 Nm, which is integrated in the rear wheel. For technical specifications, the eScooter 125 corresponds to a standard motorcycle with a 125 cc engine. The process of accelerating a scooter from 0 to 50 km / h is 3.9 seconds, while the maximum speed of the eScooter is 95 km / h.

When moving around the city, an eScooter user125 will be able to use one of three standard modes: City, Sport, Eco, and when performing a maneuver, apply reverse gear. The control display shows data on the characteristics of the movement and range available on the remaining battery charge. There are also two USB connectors on the central panel, and using a mobile application you can control your location. Three eScooter 125 colors will be available on the market: Daring Red, Dark Aluminum or Oxygen White.

Offline mode supported by lithium-ion5.6 kWh battery, guaranteeing movement at a distance of 125 km without recharging. According to the developers, on average, a resident of the city will be able to use the eScooter 125 for a week on a single battery charge. The scooter battery is removable and can be charged separately by pulling it out of the scooter, which allows the vehicle to be operated by several people at once in continuous mode.

The trunk of the eScooter 125 holds two fulla motorcycle helmet, but when selling scooters at retail or when renting them, the manufacturer offers several configuration options, including with an additional storage box, with a smartphone mounting system and other devices. Scooters will be offered at the box office only in the design of Dark Aluminum.

Compact Electric Scooter Model SEAT MOeKickScooter 65 will be delivered with a 350 W electric motor, allowing you to bring the speed of the device to 20 km / h, move on the surface with a negative slope of up to 20 degrees. The battery capacity of 551 Wh will provide a driving radius of 65 km, while fully recharging the battery will be about 6 hours. Users will be able to take advantage of three operating modes Eco, Drive, Sport. The devices are also equipped with tubeless pneumatic tires and received an electronic brake on the rear wheel.

In addition, SEAT will supplyThe market is a more economical version of the scooter under the brand name SEAT MO eKickScooter 25, formerly known as SEAT EXS KickScooter. This model with a less capacious 187 Wh battery and a less powerful 300 W engine is capable of speeds up to 25 km / h, which allows you to make an autonomous trip up to 25 km. A full battery charge takes just 3.5 hours.