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How much a Tesla owner will have to spend in the first 160,000 kilometers

Many people doubt that an electric carnot as cool as they say. Like, it is not as economical or as cheap to maintain, and so on. To refute this, some users periodically share their experience of using and tell how effectively they use the car. Sometimes these stories are simply astounding, and the numbers they speak are thought provoking. Can it be easier to buy a fairly expensive electric car right away and in the end it will be much cheaper? It means that it will be cheaper than buying a small car and constantly refueling it, repairing, servicing and making other rather large expenses. Believing in this state of affairs is very difficult, but the other day another user shared a detailed layout of the cost of owning Tesla Mode 3. He drove 160,000 kilometers by car and how much he spent on it is simply amazing. So think after that what to buy and what to ride.

Tesla gradually ceases to be something incomprehensible and mysterious.


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  • 2 How much does it cost to maintain Tesla
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How much Tesla can drive

Today we will consider one of the first Tesla Model 3 cars with 100,000 miles and the experience of the owner of this car. How he serviced it and how his battery degraded is the most expensive element of an electric vehicle.

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There are quite a few Tesla vehicles with largemileage. We even talked about a Tesla Model S owner from Germany who drove over a million kilometers in his car. But so far there are not many Model 3 and Model Y vehicles that are the latest generation Tesla vehicles with six figures.

The same Tesla Model S with a million mileage.

Kazi Imam has one of the first Model 3 with mileageover 100,000 miles (160,000 kilometers) and he talked about how he used the car and how much it cost him. I note that he travels a lot and in his Tesla Model 3 Long Range version he covered this distance in just two years. The car was purchased in 2018.

Tesla Model 3 tidy with 100,000 miles.

How much does it cost to maintain Tesla

The Imam said he was quite impressed with the cost of ownership of the Model 3. Over these 160,000 kilometerswhich will take the average driver 5-6 years, he spent only $ 4,732.11 on a car... And this includes the cost of electricity.

How much does it cost to charge Tesla

In addition to the low cost of "fuel", he was struck by the low cost of car maintenance. General the cost of electricity was $ 2,985... The total cost of maintenance and service was $ 1,741.11, so the total cost of ownership was $ 4,732.11.

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How much does it cost to maintain Tesla

Most of the maintenance cost has come down tobuying new tires, which simply must be changed with such a mileage. Even if the tread miraculously survived, structural changes in the composition make the use of such tires unsafe.

The rest of the costs were also largely related toconsumables that should be changed in a regular car as a certain mileage or over the years. So at 36,000 miles (58,000 kilometers) the HVAC system began to smell musky and the owner had to replace the air filters and clean the evaporator. It cost him $ 136.50.

There should be a good atmosphere in the Tesla showroom.

Mold odor often accompaniescar ventilation system. You ask why he changed the filter then, and then drove twice more, but did not repeat the procedure? Because Tesla fixed the problem with a software update. It came out in order to improve automatic air circulation.

True, some owners don't careface such a problem, but it's not such a big waste to worry about it. Especially when an ordinary driver will have to do this once every couple of years. Moreover, you can replace the filter yourselfand it will be even cheaper. Tesla is even releasing a guide on how to do it yourself, and consumables can be purchased online.

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Tires, like most electric vehicles, are the biggest maintenance and repair costs for Tesla vehicles.

The cost of tires that Qazi Imam replaced with 45000 miles (72,000 kilometers) was $ 1,200. And then these were quite expensive tires, which are accompanied by an extended warranty with free replacement during the entire service life. You could buy something much cheaper.

More recently, the owner spent some moreservice. Specifically, for 95,000 miles (153,000 kilometers), he bought new wiper blades. In our climate, they would have to be changed much more often, but their cost is very low and can simply be neglected. In addition to replacing the brushes, the Imam adjusted the wheel alignment and bleed the brakes. All together cost him $ 410.61.

But what if such wipers?

Tesla Car Warranty

You will say that it cannot be that nothing else breaks in the car during this time, and you will be right. But the rest of the repairs were under warranty and Tesla did everything for free... And it's worth noting that up to 50,000 miles (80,000 kilometers) none of this broke.

Here's what was replaced under warranty:

  • Dashboard trim that began to flake off 51,000 miles (82,000 kilometers)
  • Passenger glass seal that began to creak when opened after 63,000 miles (101,000 kilometers)
  • Fixed front left safety system error at 71,000 miles (114,000 kilometers)
  • Driver's headrest that has worn out over 93,000 miles (150,000 kilometers)
  • Battery maintenance with installation of additional elements

Qazi Imam believed that if he traveled the same distance in a BMW 3 Series car, the price of which is comparable to the Tesla Model 3 in his region, he would spend on fuel over $ 8,000, which is almost three times more expensive than its electricity bill.

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How long does a Tesla battery last?

We can say that the battery could have worn out forthis is the time, but even here the skeptics will not be able to object. Firstly, many internal combustion engines (especially modern ones), after 160,000 mileage, may already require overhaul. Secondly, battery wear was only 5%. This is literally nothing at this range. Let me remind you once again that ordinary owners will travel that much in 5-6 years, or even more.

The car really looks like new.

In general, Kazi Imam is more than satisfied with hisby car. Low costs and high reliability do the trick. He says that the car still drives like new. In addition, Tesla provides much more dynamics than other cars for the money. All this makes one think that the future of the automotive industry is a foregone conclusion. There will be a lot more electricity in it than in the present.

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Even more confidence in this causes Tesla service levelwhich will affect other manufacturers as well. If they want to compete with her, they just need to meet the high bar in everything.