Foldable HTC phone with a screen outward (6 photos)

Perhaps the consumer will never see it on the marketsuch a model from HTC, however, the company's engineers have registered a patent for a device with an outward-folding display. The active development of the smartphone sector at HTC began with the arrival in September 2019 of the new CEO, Yves Mater, who set the task of returning profitability to the smartphone division.

HTC smartphone was presented in June 2020The U20 is the brand's first phone to support 5G. It has now become known that the company is also interested in creating smartphones with flexible displays, which are actively developed by Samsung, Motorola and Huawei.

HTC engineers registered in the Worldthe World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) patent for a "foldable display device." Based on the technical description of the patent published in August on the WIPO website, enthusiasts have already created renderings of the future smartphone.

The main feature of the device from HTC will bean outward-folding screen, which on the one hand will eliminate the need to install a second, information display, and on the other, increase the risk of damage to the flexible screen.

Also the patent indicates the use oforiginal hinge mechanism with two support modules protruding from the body. This design, according to the authors, should eliminate the likelihood of "wrinkles" on the screen. However, protruding hinges can be inconvenient for the user when carrying the smartphone in their pockets, and become an object around which dust and dirt will accumulate.

The emergence of patent information shows that the creation of a foldable HTC smartphone is still at an early stage and it is not known if this idea will even be brought to the stage of practical implementation.

Source: letsgodigital