VR system uses robots to make virtual space more real (video)

Modern systems based onvirtual reality technologies do not create a full-fledged feeling of immersion in the computer world. Engineers and developers strive to enhance the effect of presence using various original technological and technical inventions based on tactile or taste sensations. The recently proposed RoomShift technology invites robots to move physical furniture, creating a real-world environment in a room based on information from the virtual world.

To use RoomShift technologythe user must wear an Oculus Go headset and a tracking system that monitors a 10m by 10m (32.8 ft) room. The idea of ​​using robots is simple enough, but can, according to the inventors, have a serious impact on the future of VR.

Now dwelling in virtual spacethe user can actually sit down on a real chair or start writing on a real desk in his computer world. All work on moving furniture in accordance with the situation in the virtual space is entrusted to modified Roomba vacuum cleaners with scissor lifts attached to them. Robots drive up to furniture and use lifters to lift and move objects to the desired location.

Moving wall sections is also available,making the user feel like they are in a maze or a closed room. All changes in the real world in real time are consistent with the position of objects in VR space. Robots can carry objects weighing up to 11.2 kg, as well as work in a "team" moving more massive objects. Objects, furniture, Roomba and scissor lifts are tracked with reflective balls.

Given the complexity of the RoomShift system,it is not intended for the individual user and is intended for use in public entertainment venues such as Zero Latency or AutronVR.

Source: newatlas