The selfie camera of the flagship Mi 10 Ultra showed mediocre results in DxOMark (4 photos + video)

Unveiled by Xiaomi in August 2020The Mi 10 Ultra smartphone is equipped with a top-end processor, 120W ultra-powerful wired charger, 50W wireless charging, and a main camera that can compete with all modern camera phones, still ranking second in the DxOMark classification. However, the front camera of the Mi 10 Ultra showed an average result and according to the results of testing by DxOMark experts took only 22 place.

Selfie camera Mi 10 Ultra with 1 / 3.4-inchsensor of 20 megapixels, is capable of not only taking photos, but also recording 1080p video at 30 frames per second. DxOMark noted that the front camera of the Mi 10 Ultra has a number of positive characteristics. This is accurate exposure and neutral color balance when taking a photo in basic modes. For video, the camera has excellent stabilization, accurate exposure, controlled video noise, and when shooting indoors, the skin looks natural, just like in bright light. Also, in high light, high detail is noted in the video frames.

However, negative points when testingDxOMark has revealed more. Limited dynamic range and clipped highlights are noted for stills and movies. There is optical noise in low light conditions, as well as hue shift and flare. There are also color quantization artifacts in photos and videos. Exposure is not always consistent with flash. Unnatural blur is observed in portrait mode. When shooting video, facial detail is poor, especially in low light. In addition, in low light, the skin takes on an unnatural color in the video, and the stabilization loses its effectiveness, and a jelly effect appears.

According to the results of testing the front camera of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, the smartphone was in 22nd place in the DxOMark rating with a total score of 88, receiving 86 points for photography and 91 points for video shooting.

Experts from DxOMark note that Mi10 Ultra in terms of the shooting quality of the front camera remains at the level of the younger model Mi 10 Pro. The selfie camera guarantees correctly exposed and detailed photos in optimal lighting, but the dynamic range is inferior to market leaders. The porter regime also received a low rating. In the meantime, when shooting video, the quality in the Mi 10 Ultra is higher than that of the Mi 10 Pro due to the highly efficient detailing.

Source: dxomark