Philips Hue Play LED strip to light up the screen image of any TV (2 photos + video)

Philips has been successfullyuses the backlighting of the back of TVs with the Ambilight system. The lighting design provides a lifelike immersive experience and a more comfortable viewing experience. Philips will now allow this technology to be extended to other TVs. For this, a Philips Hue Play LED strip and two accompanying devices are used to synchronize with the image on the screen.

The innovative system perceives the color gamutthe image displayed on the screen and in accordance with the data obtained, illuminates the surface behind the rear panel of the TV. The device controls the color and brightness of each LED on the Philips Hue Play tape individually for a more immersive and immersive video experience. The Hue Sync mobile application is used for remote control of the system.

Philips Hue Play LED strip is attached toany TV over 55 inches with rounded mounting brackets that can be easily attached to the back of the unit. Philips Hue Play requires the $ 229.99 Hue Play HDMI Sync Box and the $ 59.99 Hue Bridge.

Philips Hue Play LED Strip Supplieswill begin on October 16, 2020. Currently, on the official Philips website, you can select and place an order for one of three Hue Play models. For 55 "TVs, LED strip will cost $ 199.99, for 65" TVs - $ 219.99, and for 75 "TVs, it will cost $ 239.99.

Source: Philips Press Release