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The most harmful energy drink was created in the 20th century - it was radioactive

Every person wants to always stay cheerful -being in a lethargic state, no one will be able to achieve great results at work and in personal life. To keep fit, some people drink coffee or energy drinks every day. In the first drink, the active ingredient is caffeine, and in jars with energy drinks, in addition to it, there is an invigorating amino acid taurine and B vitamins that improve mood. 2000s. But, as it turned out, one of the first energy drinks was developed in the 20th century and was deadly because it contained radioactive substances, the lethality of which was not known at that time. Needless to say, lovers of this drink have terrible problems? One of the main fans of the drink was generally overtaken by a terrible death.

A bottle of energy "Raditor" was expensive, so only rich people could afford it

The first power engineer in the world

According to Interesting Engineering, oneof the very first energy drinks was developed by William Bailey in the US state of New Jersey in 1918. It was called "Radithor" (Radithor) and consisted of only three ingredients: pure water, as well as radium isotopes 226 and 228.

In those days, people were not particularly interested in invigoratingeffect - most of all they were attracted by the fact that the drink was positioned as a powerful aphrodisiac that increases libido, potency and sexual satisfaction. William Bailey also claimed that the "Raditor" he created stimulates the work of internal organs and helps to treat headaches, diabetes, anemia, constipation, asthma and many other diseases.

Drink "Raditor" most likely tasted disgusting

One vial contained only about 14grams of drink. In water purified from impurities, the content of radioactive radium was minimal, but even this amount was enough to cause irreparable harm to health. But few people knew about this, because measures to limit radium were taken only in the 1930s, and until then it was often used in medicine and other fields of activity.

One small jar of energy "Raditor"cost $30. At that time, and even today, that was a lot of money. Therefore, not everyone could afford this drink, and, as it turned out, it was for the best.

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Mortal danger energy with radium

One of the wealthy who could afford the trendy drink was Eben Byers. He was the son of the American industrialist Alexander Byers, loved to play golf and did not deny himself anything.

In 1927, returning from a football match, hefell off the top bunk of the train and injured his arm. Despite his acquaintance with the best doctors of those times, he could not get rid of the pain for a long time. Everything changed after Eben Bayer decided to try the advertised Raditor. After drinking a miracle drink, the man really felt a surge of strength and stopped complaining about pain.

Golfer Eben Bayer

When Eben Byers got his injury, he wasfor 47 years now. After recovering from an injury with the help of an energy drink, he began to drink it regularly, three bottles a day. This did not last long - when the man was 50 years old, he realized that something strange was happening in his body. Despite his relatively young age, he began to rapidly lose weight, he began to have severe headaches, and his teeth began to fall out.

The situation reached the point where the man had tobandage from head to toe. When it became clear that the cause of his illness was radiation, he had already removed the entire lower jaw and left only two teeth. All the tissues in his body began to disintegrate, and holes began to form on his skull - energy drink lover Eben Byers began to literally fall apart.

Eben Bayer had to be buried in a lead coffin

The man died in 1932 and an autopsy showed that36 micrograms of radium had accumulated in his system. And this despite the fact that 10 micrograms is considered a lethal dose for humans. The man's body had to be buried in a lead coffin.

Newspaper article on the death of Eben Byers

Since Eben Byers was very famousman, his death and the cause of death became known to everyone. In the newspapers, it became the personification of the dangers of using radium, but many people still did not believe in its lethality and considered it curative. After the death of the man, the sale of "Raditor" was banned, but no one was punished for its production. Who else was affected by this drink is unknown.

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Based on this, it turns out that modernenergy drinks are not so terrible yet - there have been worse ones. But this does not mean at all that invigorating drinks can be abused, because this can still lead to terrible consequences. Instead, it is better to drink coffee, but it is better to do it with milk.