The most demanded profession in the next 10 years, or we earn from 120,000 rubles per month

2020 is a year of change that has left many people behindside of the usual life. Salesmen, accountants, cooks - many of them were unemployed. It is not surprising that now a huge number of people are thinking about changing their occupation. Naturally, in favor of a promising IT profession, which will not be so dependent on the offline situation. Meet the TOP-1 in front of you!

Yes, as many have already guessed, we will talk about the profession of "Android developer". Without any special problems, it can be mastered not only by those who already work in the IT industry, but also by humanities in life (from scratch).

What does an Android developer do?

Details from the category "What and where to learn" weconsider below. For now, let's figure out what these mega-in-demand guys (4,050 Android developer vacancies on How do you do that?) Do at work.
To begin with, this is not entirely technical.profession, there is a lot of creativity. Android programmers are engaged in the creation and improvement of applications and programs for this operating system. They create an interface, program the logic of the application, and optimize the resources that are needed for the program to work.

An Android developer thinks over how the application should behave when a call or SMS arrives, what should be the navigation between the screens of the program so that the user is comfortable, and so on.

What's the money? Really from 120,000 rubles a month?

Yes, and this salary is received by specialists with 1-2 years of work experience. Experienced developers earn from 250,000 rubles per month. The screenshots below confirm this. Do you want such a salary?

We wrote above about "learning from scratch" in a short time and starting to earn - is it real?

Everything is real. On the Internet, there are now a huge number of online courses dedicated to this profession. Of course, there are few verified with real reviews, but you can find it.

And if we consider the leaders of online education in the IT field, they promise to pump you as much as possible if you can devote 8 hours a week to the learning process.

“When we develop course content,we understand that lessons should be aimed at those who want to master programming from scratch. Therefore, the speakers try to explain each topic from the most basic things - or you can close unresolved issues through communication with the teacher or in the course chat, ”says the website of the online school SkillFactory.

If we consider this school, then these are the skills they promise to transfer to you at the finish of training:
- Solve problems of any complexity using algorithms;
- Program in Java and Kotlin;
- Work with Android components;
- Design mobile applications;
- Test applications;
- Develop design concepts and design user friendly interfaces;
- Connect databases to the application;
- Use AppBundle and release the application in the PlayStore.

Also captivating is the fact that on the course"Android developer" is taught not only to create applications, but also help with finding a job. First, the career goals of the students are determined, and then they simply do not let go of the intended path. They also tell you how to properly draw up a resume and get to an interview.

Let's summarize!

- 1st place in the ranking of the most demanded professions in the next 10 years!
- Opportunity "from scratch" and in a short time to master the profession!
- 4,050 Android developer jobs on!
- 120,000 rubles per month - developer salary

with experience of 1-2 years!
How do you like it?

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