The gaming monitor market faces its first downturn in history

According to research firm TrendForce, the global gaming monitor market is facing its first ever

segment decline — it is expected that by the end of 2022year, the market will shrink by 10%, a total of 20.5 million gaming monitors will be sold. Experts attribute this to increased inflation and a decrease in demand for consumer electronics products. According to forecasts, next year the downward trend in the market for gaming monitors may continue.

In the total sales of gaming monitors, 48% ofof all sales came from monitor models with VA matrices, another 43% were provided by sales of models with IPS matrices and 9% of models were made on TN matrices. The share of models with OLED matrices currently does not exceed 0.4%, but it will gradually grow and may reach 2% next year. It is also noted that 44% of gaming monitor models had curved panels, and next year such models will account for 46% of the market.