Rosskosmos voiced the shortcomings of the spacecraft Ilona Mask

The successful flight of the SpaceX ship and the delivery of the firstfor 9 years of astronauts, a spaceship launched from the United States, caused a huge public outcry and interest in the project of Elon Mask. Experts from around the world closely watched the live broadcast of the flight and later expressed their opinion on the flight itself, as well as on the design of the Crew Dragon ship.

They did not bypass the theme of the launch of Crew Dragon in Roskosmos. An article was published in the Russian Space magazine for June 2020 analyzing the design of the SpaceX spacecraft in terms of the safety of astronauts aboard.

SpaceX designers, according to expertsRoscosmos, were able to create a ship more economical than spacecraft of the Space Shuttle project. However, Russian engineers are alarmed by the crew emergency rescue system, located directly behind the wall of the Crew Dragon cabin. The presence of several tons of toxic fuel under pressure near the crew can pose a threat to astronauts. The fuel of the emergency system, which ensures the evacuation of the crew at any stage of the flight, includes such toxic components as nitrogen tetroxide and monomethylhydrazine.

The same magazine cites an article by the head of Roscosmos Rogozin published for FORBES, where an official analyzes the start of Crew Dragon and talks about the successes of the Russian space company.

Source: RBC