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Russia is developing its space station. What will it look like?

The International Space Station was launchedinto the orbit of our planet in 1998. Initially it was planned that it will work for 20 years, but later the period of its use was extended. According to the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin, the station will operate for another 7-10 years. After its decommissioning, Russian cosmonauts will need to conduct scientific research somewhere. Most likely for this a Russian station will be created, which is currently calledRussian Orbital Service Station (ROSS). It will be developed by the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, and recently its representatives shared details about the project. The new station will be similar to the flooded Mir station and will include 5 modules.

The Russian space station will be similar to the Mir station

What is Mir station?

According to the general designer of EnergiaVladimir Solovyov, the design of the new station will be similar to the Soviet-Russian Mir station. She worked in low-earth orbit from 1986 to 2001. Inside it, astronauts from different countries managed to carry out about 23,000 scientific research. It was at this station that the first experiments with plants in space were carried out. Over the entire history of the station, 104 cosmonauts from 12 countries have visited it. In 2001, the station expired and it was sunk at the "Spaceship Cemetery" in the Pacific Ocean. We talked about this place in this article.

The spaceship cemetery is located in the most remote place in the Pacific Ocean, which we talked about here

Russian space station

Details about the Russian replacement of the ISS were shared by the TASS news agency. The Russian ROSS station, which is at the concept stage, will consist of five modules:

  • basicwhere the crew members will be given the opportunity to rest, eat, and also perform some work tasks such as station management;
  • productionwhere research is likely to take place;
  • securing, which will provide the crew with the necessary resources such as water and oxygen;
  • platforms to run, reception and maintenance of spacecraft;
  • commercial modulewhere space tourists will be delivered. This compartment will have two large portholes and Wi-Fi.

The assembly of the ROSS space station willcarried out gradually. Each module will be launched into Earth's orbit using Angara-A5 launch vehicles from the Plesetsk or Vostochny cosmodromes. Further, the station will take on its final form as a constructor, consisting of the above-mentioned modules. As part of the presentation, it was noted that from time to time a laboratory will be able to dock to the station, which will be launched using the Soyuz-2.1b rocket. The launch of the first module is planned for 2022. But whether the authors of the project will be in time by the scheduled date is a big question.

Launch vehicle "Angara-A5"

Future space exploration

But develop your own stationRussia needs it and there is no doubt about it. At the moment, the NASA aerospace agency is already developing a circumlunar station Gateway, but it is not yet clear whether Russian cosmonauts will be able to visit it. This station will first be used to study the Moon, and then will become the place of transfer of astronauts who are on their way to Mars and other distant planets. It is not yet known when exactly the assembly of the Gateway station will begin, but in the near future the United States will begin an active study of the moon. After all, very soon the mission "Artemis" will begin and we will definitely not be bored.

Approximate appearance of the Gateway station

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In general, lately Russia has been downrightforced to actively develop something of their own. Since May 2020, the United States no longer needs the services of Roscosmos to send astronauts to the ISS. This is now being done by SpaceX with the reusable Crew Dragon spacecraft. Recently the state corporation "Roscosmos" presented its version of the reusable spacecraft called "Argo". They wanted to position it as an analogue of a spaceship from SpaceX, but in fact it is inferior to it in many ways. It repeats a foreign ship even in appearance. You can read about all the oddities of the presented concept in this material. Believe me, there is something to discuss there.