Russian engineers have created "Exostul" allowing you to sit while standing

Decrease in labor productivity due toincreased fatigue of workers who are on their feet all day long, encourages designers to offer original ideas to eliminate these negative moments. In the division of the company "Rostec-Trusted Platforms - Robotic Complexes", a design called "Exostul" has been developed, which allows a person to sit in a standing position.

According to the company's management, the developedthe mechanism is intended for widespread use in various industries. However, the very first such devices will be received by workers engaged in heavy monotonous physical labor on assembly lines.

Employees using the Exostul devicewill be able to rest without leaving the workplace, taking the load off their feet. For these purposes, the device uses a knee joint fixation, which will allow a person in a standing position to feel like a sitting position. As a result, the problem of reducing the productivity of workers will be partially solved and people will get tired less from monotonous physical work.

For the mass introduction of new items, the device"Exostul" must be certified as an element of an exoskeleton, standards for certification methods of which as personal protective equipment will be developed already in 2021. Such giants of industry as Rostec, Gazpromneft, Rusal and Rosatom will probably be interested in the new device.

Source: RIA