Root rt0 robot teaches kids programming and entertains adults (video)

In the XXI century, programming is becoming one of thebasic sciences, which, along with mathematics, reading and writing, should be mastered by as many people as possible, according to iRobot, which has recently released Root rt0 training robots.

The robot offered by the company is furtherimprovement of the previous model and is designed to teach the basics of coding to children of any level of knowledge, from beginners to experts. The robot can be controlled via a smartphone or computer.

Root rt0 is a two-wheeleda mobile platform that works on a flat surface using data from 20 sensors. The robot draws, creates music and explores the environment. Control is carried out by means of coded commands issued by the user in the iRobot Coding App. The platform offers three different levels of coding language, from simple graphic boxes for young children to full-text coding for more advanced users.

The company offers two delivery options: a home robot with limited functions and a basic version of Root rt0, intended for collective learning programming and designed for teachers, students and parents. In the US, a device from iRobot is already on sale for $ 129.

Source: irobot