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Boston Dynamics robot visited Chernobyl. But for what?

There are a huge number of companies in the world,who are developing various robots. But the most amazing robots are created by the American company Boston Dynamics. In September 2019, she put on sale robot Spotthat looks a lot like a dog. Thanks to its four limbs, it is able to pass even the most curved paths and not fall. And the presence of a large number of sensors makes the robot very useful in performing research work. Recently British scientists took the Spot robot and arrived in the city of Chernobyl. Almost no one lives in it, because in 1986 there was an accident at a nuclear power plant. Until now, in some areas of the city and its environs, one can be exposed to deadly radiation. What do you think the Spot robot was up to in such a dangerous area?

Ukrainian and British scientists next to the Spot robot


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Spot Robot Features

Boston Dynamics introduced the Spot robot in 2016. It is a four-legged structure that is capable of walking at a speed of about 5 kilometers per hour... To see the surrounding space, the robot uses cameras located around the perimeter, the combination of which provides a 360-degree viewing angle. It only weighs 25 kilograms and in 2019 it was considered the lightest robot of its kind. Since its inception, the Spot robot has continually improved and ultimately proved useful even during the coronavirus pandemic.

Spot Robot from Boston Dynamics

In April 2020, Spot robots helped doctors communicate with their patients. The case took place in the American state of Massachusetts, we have a detailed article about it.

Robot in Chernobyl

The robot brought to the territory of Chernobyl took upan assessment of radiation pollution in various areas around the nuclear power plant. In particular, the places of his work were the waste localization point "Red Forest", as well as the burial sites "Podlesny" and "Buryakovka". Scientists from Ukraine and Great Britain followed the work of the robotic dog. Of course, during the research work, they were in a safe area and were wearing protective suits. Apart from the robot, they also used flying machines and other equipment. It is believed that due to the combination of different technologies, the results of the work will be the most accurate.

Red forest in Chernobyl

"Podlesny" and "Buryakovka" are the disposal sites for radioactivewaste (RWDF). During the liquidation of the consequences of the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, radioactive equipment was hidden under these lands. It is important to note that Buryakovka is located not far from the village of the same name. After the disaster, its residents were evacuated to the Kiev region.

The photo was taken near the Podlesny RWDF

There is a possibility that on the territoryof the aforementioned objects, the radiation level has decreased in recent years. But it may also be that it remained at the same level. The Spot robot is needed precisely to find out. With the help of his sensors, he will be able to create a three-dimensional map of the most dangerous regions near Chernobyl. However, it is not entirely clear how the radiation level will be measured. Probably, for this, gamma spectrometers will be used, which are just capable of measuring radiation levels.

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Interesting facts about Chernobyl

In 2019, when HBO aired the series"Chernobyl", a large number of articles on this topic were published on our website. Even before the release of the series, we told that the exclusion zone over the past few years became a nature reserve... But after its release, the author of Nikolai Khizhnyak wrote about the existence 10 nuclear reactors "Chernobyl type"... You can find links to these and other articles on the Chernobyl accident in this material.

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