BionicSwift robot bird with artificial plumage (4 photos + video)

Modern robots often imitate alreadyliving creatures in nature. The most famous are the dog-shaped robots from Boston Dynamics, which have recently gone public. Festo engineers have announced the creation of a new bionic robot, BionicSwift, capable of flying, while using artificial feathers and spatial orientation using GPS technology.

The external design of the BionicSwift robot is made incommon pigeon form factor. When creating the design, ultralight materials were used that allowed the robot to completely simulate the flight of a live bird. Thanks to the optimal proportions: the BionicSwift will be 44.5 cm long, and its wingspan is 68 cm and light weight of 42 grams, the robot bird “agile and easy” maneuvers indoors.

The demo video shows howBionicSwift draws circles and makes sharp turns. The design of the wings of the robot is as close as possible to the bird's wing and is covered with artificial plumage. The BionicSwift frame is made of foam lamellas, and carbon fiber is used in the manufacture of feathers.

Inside the BionicSwift chassis is a boardcontrols, brushless motor, two servos, battery and gearbox. A robot bird is controlled using GPS broadband technology and several indoor beacons. When flying, you can use a fully automated mode on a pre-recorded route.

Source: slashgear