The robot hairdresser cut his inventor's hair (video)

Quarantine and self-isolation conditions associated withthe coronavirus pandemic, have radically changed the life of a modern person, prompting inventors to create new high-tech devices. One of the significant problems for people who are in self-isolation is the issue of haircuts. Enthusiast Shane Whiton, author of the popular YouTube channel Stuff Made Here, created and tested a robot that performs a simple haircut. The fearless inventor was also the first client of the mechanical barber.

A trip to the hairdresser in a pandemicbecomes a serious challenge and can lead to an outbreak of the disease. So in May, in Springfield (USA), two hairdressers served 139 clients, while they themselves were already infected with COVID-19. Whiton's invention will avoid the risks of contact with hairdressers who serve dozens of potentially dangerous clients every day.

Whiton's robot was designed for cutting withthe use of scissors, without the use of electric trimmers. The use of potentially dangerous scissors made the task extremely difficult. In the first stage, the inventor planned to create a machine using two combs, supporting the hair at the time of cutting and simultaneously removing the trimmed strands. However, technical difficulties forced Whiton to apply a scheme using the principle of a vacuum cleaner, when the air flow supports the hair, the robot cuts it with scissors, and the cut strands are sucked out of the working area.

The mechanism uses several cameras,allowing the creation of a three-dimensional model of the head, allowing the scissor arms to move around the client and work from either side. It is unlikely that it will be possible to create a fashionable model haircut with the help of this invention, but in the demo video you can see how much Whiteon's hair changed after being served by a barber robot.

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