SlothBot sloth robot will fight for the ecology of the planet (4 photos + video)

Scientists from Georgia Institute of Technologycreated and started field trials of the unique SlothBot robot, the design of which is inspired by animal sloths. Over the next few months, visitors to the Atlanta Botanical Garden will be able to observe the real tests of a new unusual high-tech device designed to fight for nature conservation.

The main feature of the SlothBot robot, externallysimilar to a leisurely sloth, is its long battery life. This is facilitated by the small amount of work performed by the device, energy efficiency and recharge of batteries using solar panels. The robot sloth will move around the territory of the Botanical Garden through specially fixed cables.

The SlothBot robot has dimensions similar toprototype (about one meter in length). The robot body is printed on a 3D printer, and inside there is an electric motor, a battery and a set of sensors with which SlothBot will monitor the environment. Replenishment of energy will be carried out using solar panels.

The main task of the sloth robot will be fixingtemperature, weather, and carbon dioxide in the air. According to the developers, in order to create a long-term picture of the environmental situation in natural parks, it is precisely such devices that are able to slowly record data for a long time. It is assumed that the robot will be able to work from several months to several years.

The demo shows how SlothBotmoves on cables fixed in the Atlanta Botanical Garden. It is noteworthy that a mechanical sloth begins to move only in those cases when he needs to "catch" a sunbeam to recharge the battery. In the future, such devices will be able to work in open spaces, moving through systems of tensioned cables, sequentially moving from one to another.

Source: gatech