How to draw a 3D portrait of a girl using mathematics (video)

You can paint portraits using varioustools. This can be a brush, pencil, crayons, or ballpoint pen. However, in the era of high technology, an ordinary mathematician who is fluent in mathematical apparatus can become an artist. A visual demonstration of the possibilities of mathematical formulas when creating a portrait of a girl was presented on a video on Youtube by an expert in 3D graphics Inigo Quiles.

Previously, the enthusiast showed on his channel howway in drawing will help various modern technological techniques. However, in the video "Drawing a selfie of a girl using mathematics", Inigo applied only knowledge of formulas.

The video shows how, using mathematicalformulas and Shadertoy editor, you can create various geometric configurations, change lighting and integrate volumetric shapes. As a result, in just 22 minutes, Quiles created a Pixar-style portrait of the girl.