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Rating of the most popular professions in 2020. How not to miss your chance?

Everyone at least once in his life thought aboutwhat profession is most in demand in the world today. Isn't it time to change your occupation and pay attention to other areas?
Today we will tell you about current and not outdated professions that will not cease to be needed by society for a long time.

Online Intensive on Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis

The medicine

This industry is one of the mostin demand due to the latest events in the world. Wherever we are, a good doctor will always have trust among patients. Such a specialist will always find a job and will be respected in society.

However, to become a doctor, you shouldspend an average of 7 to 9 years on training, then do an internship and practice for many years. Such work involves a huge burden of responsibility for the life and health of people. And, unfortunately, this does not always have a positive effect on the health of a specialist, and often leads to professional burnout.


Marketers, targetologists, content managers onthe labor market is now very much, along with this, this direction does not cease to be in demand in the world. It is on these "workhorses" that all modern business is based. It is much faster and easier to become a specialist in this area, but constant stress, irregular working hours and a high level of responsibility in this profession can sometimes put even the most daring careerist out of action.

Information technology and artificial intelligence

More and more IT technologies penetrate our life: cars with autopilot, voice control of household appliances and an assistant phone - this is the reality that surrounds us now. Highly skilled programmers will be in demand for a long time, at least until the invention of full-fledged artificial intelligence that can surpass the human brain.
Developments today in this area are taking leaps and bounds. The organizers and speakers of the online intensive on artificial intelligence "Archipelago 20.35" decided to make their unique contribution to the development of IT.
Everyone who has their own commercial or social project related to AI technologies and databases will be able to take part in the online intensive.

Before 27th October there is a selection of participants in the intensive. You can apply here by filling out a short form. During the selection, a preparatory program is conducted that will improve your project and increase the chances of joining the online intensive.

FROM 7 to 21 November the main online intensive, which willconsist of lecture and practical master classes from leading Russian and foreign speakers. The peculiarity of the online intensive is that you yourself can choose the sites that are of interest to you, and the prepared artificial intelligence will be able to help you choose the program for each team.

At the end of the entire program, you will have the opportunitybecome a member of the Skolkovo project, as well as gain experience in working with the largest market players and consolidate your project in the Leader-ID system in order to further get opportunities to implement your initiatives.

Acceptance of applications for participation in the online intensive is until October 27... Hurry up!