Xbox Series S Developer Mode lets you play retro games (video)

Experienced gamers familiar with the gaming industryFor several decades, we have been pleased with the news of the opportunity to play games on the next generation Xbox Series S consoles that came to the market in the last millennium. This opportunity appears due to the use of Microsoft's developer mode in the console and will cost about $ 19 at a time (depending on the region).

It is an attempt to "attach" game consolesapps of yesteryear forced many gamers to hack consoles. The manufacturing companies, in turn, have strengthened the security tools of the set-top boxes, so Microsoft consoles have not been hacked since 2013. However, now the company has chosen a different path and opens access to the developer mode on Xbox Series S and Series X for a nominal one-time fee.

The user just needs to pay whenregistering a Microsoft developer account for about $ 19 and then work freely on consoles, both in game and in engineering mode. When working in developer mode, you cannot run games, but you can work with programs on the UWP platform to debug or test the console.

Among these applications is the famousemulator RetroArch. The details of launching the popular emulator on the Xbox Series S console are already covered in a YouTube video, where you can see how an inexpensive $ 299 console, without using illegal software, works with games such as Tekken 3 (PlayStation 1), GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo 64) and Super Mario Galaxy (Wii).

It is noted that during the test of work throughemulator RetroArch, users did not notice significant problems, except for some slowdown when working with an SSD drive, which is attributed to optimization flaws. Also, due to the ability of the console to work with third-party applications in the near future, the owners of the new Xbox will be able to use the console instead of personal computers to solve problems of varying complexity.