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Sale of cordless vacuum cleaners. We tell you where to buy a Dyson analogue for 12k rubles

With the onset of summer, you have to clean the house much more often. The dust we carry from the street the fur of our pets, in which the molting period begins, and hundreds of dying insects do not contribute to the formation of purity. Therefore, an additional burden falls on our shoulders in the form of regular cleaning, which should be not only dry, but, if possible, also wet. Because it’s not enough just to sweep away dust and debris. You also need to walk on the floor with a wet rag to guarantee wash away all impurities and don't breathe in them. But why suffer yourself if you can use the help of specialized devices that can do it even better than us?

Redkey makes very cool and inexpensive vacuum cleaners, but which one should you choose?


  • 1 Inexpensive cordless vacuum cleaner
  • 2 Powerful cordless vacuum cleaner
  • 3 Washable cordless vacuum cleaner
  • 4 The best cordless vacuum cleaner

Inexpensive cordless vacuum cleaner

In my opinion, this is the most profitable vacuum cleaner in the brand line.

Redkey P7 is a classic upright vacuum cleanerwireless type. At an extremely affordable price for this class of device - especially now that it's on sale - it offers impressive specs that allow it to compete directly with Dyson vacuum cleaners.

The suction power it gives out Redkey P7 motor, is 22,000 Pa.This will be more than enough to lift a stone, but the vacuum cleaner will cope with hair, dust and debris just as well. And thanks to the motorized roller brush, which spins and collects even fine particles, the floors will be perfectly clean after cleaning with P7.

Many vacuum cleaners suffer from mediocrefilter. Therefore, during operation, the dust from their containers is partially blown back, causing suspended particles to soar in the air for a long time. This story is not about Redkey P7. It is equipped with a 0.8 liter dust collector with a three-level system HEPA filtration, which reliably blocks dust and debris inside the vacuum cleaner and does not allow them to go outside.

Redkey engineers understand that P7 is a device for different people. Therefore, we provided telescopic tube vacuum cleaner with variable length.So it can adapt to people of different heights. And thanks to its light weight, not only adults, but also children can use the vacuum cleaner, earning their pocket money by cleaning.

Price: 11 777 rubles

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Powerful cordless vacuum cleaner

Redkey P9 is more powerful than P7 and has a wider package

Redkey P9 is an even more advanced model than P7. She is distinguished by more high suction powerthrough which you can effectivelyclean up on different types of surfaces. For example, on carpets and carpets with short and medium pile. The vacuum cleaner will remove all the dirt stuck between the lint, including hair, dust and wool.

Electric roller will lift the piles of the carpet, high powersuction - to collect even the smallest dust particles, and the built-in HEPA filter will not allow them to get outside. It holds even particles up to 0.3 micron in size. This is very important for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, who can start an attack even from contact with a small amount of dust.

Despite high power Redkey P9, it works wirelessly and lives from onecharging up to 60 minutes. Of course, in this case, the time in eco mode is implied. But for most of us, this will be more than enough, for example, if you clean on smooth surfaces like laminate, linoleum or short pile carpets.

Redkey P9 Package Contents includes not only the vacuum cleaner itself, but alsoseveral interchangeable nozzles. In addition to the main roller, the vacuum cleaner comes with a brush for hard pile and a tube for cleaning in heating radiators and ventilation grilles. It may seem like such a small thing, but changing nozzles can significantly increase your cleaning efficiency. Especially in hard to reach places.

Price: 13 580 rubles

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Washing Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This is a washing vacuum cleaner that also washes itself.

General cleaning can only be wet.But vacuuming and then washing the floors is absolutely irrational, because it takes too much time and effort. After all, this way you actually clean the house twice. Isn't it easier to combine dry and wet cleaning? Of course, it's easier, especially since there is a special device that does both.

Redkey W12 is a vacuum cleaner with a wetcleaning. It is equipped with a built-in reservoir, from which, thanks to a special controller, the vacuum cleaner delivers metered portions of water so that it is enough for high-quality cleaning, but at the same time no wet marks or stains remain on the floor. Despite this, it weighs only 3.8 kg.

The design of the vacuum cleaner is designed in such a way that it can do a double cleaning simultaneously.First, the nozzle collects dry debris, and then the wet roller passes over the same place, collecting what the vacuum could not suck in. As a result, we have a better effect than if dry and wet cleaning were carried out alternately.

It's especially cool that Redkey W12 has a self-cleaning station. This means that you do not have to touchhim and get your hands dirty after cleaning, as is the case with ordinary mops. You just put the vacuum cleaner on charge, and it is washed. After that, you can use it again, but its roller will be clean and dry without a hint of moisture and an unpleasant smell.

Price: 23 600 rubles

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The best cordless vacuum cleaner

There are simply no other vacuum cleaners like this on the market.

It would seem that what could be cooler than Redkey W12?It turns out that maybe - Redkey W12 Pro. Logically, this should be an improved version of the original model with slightly higher suction power, but this is far from being the case. In fact, this is a completely different device. I would even call it a full-fledged station for maintaining cleanliness at home.

Redkey W12 Pro is transformer vacuum cleaner with a removable tank for water and garbage collection.But, unlike other vacuum cleaners, in which the same parts are removed for rinsing and emptying, they can work separately with the W12 Pro. The assembly is a universal device for wet and dry cleaning. And after removing the outer body kit - a means for cleaning upholstered furniture, shelves and other hard-to-reach places.

Collapsible design does not interfere with Redkey W12 Promaintain tightness for wet cleaning. Thus, you can not only collect dust with a suction power of 11,000 Pa, but also wash the floors, wiping off even stubborn dirt. The older model, like the younger one, delivers moisture in a dosed manner, and then collects it herself so as not to leave stains or streaks behind.

Redkey W12 Pro Kit even richer than W12.The vacuum cleaner comes with several interchangeable nozzles for soft surfaces, hard-to-reach places, windows and mirrors, a turbo brush, as well as a flexible hose with a water supply function that allows you to wash upholstery and carpets. In general, with this vacuum cleaner you will no longer need other cleaning products.

Price: 28 600 rubles

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