Revealed technological innovations in the new generation of Xbox Series X

Microsoft in the official blog saidabout the Xbox Velocity architecture used in the upcoming Xbox Series X game consoles. The developers say the Xbox Velocity architecture is the ideal solution for streaming game assets in the next generation of game consoles.

Complex of technologies developed by the companyMicrosoft and implemented in Velocity Architecture can significantly increase the speed and optimize the communication process within the Xbox Series X console and eliminate bottlenecks.

The Xbox Velocity architecture includes fourmain components. This is primarily a 1TB NVME SSD that delivers 2.4GB I / O bandwidth per second, more than 40 times the bandwidth of the Xbox One. The following components of the Xbox Velocity architecture are hardware-accelerated decompression units, a new level of DirectStorage API and Sampler Feedback Streaming (SFS) system, which allows optimizing texture loading into RAM.

Using the Xbox Velocity architecture will allowdevelopers to significantly expand the possibilities when creating new projects using high detail of the game world. As a result, loading screens will no longer appear on gaming monitors. It remains to await the official start of sales of the Xbox Series X console and the identification of a real winner in the upcoming battle between the brainchild of Microsoft and the PlayStation 5 from Sony.