Prototypes of Lucid sedan and SUV, ahead of Tesla, hit "spy" photos

Lucid Motors at an accelerated paceis preparing for the official presentation of the Lucid Air premium electric sedan, which took the lead from Tesla Model S in terms of autonomous driving range on a single battery charge during preliminary tests, on September 9. In preparation for the presentation, Lucid representatives took photos and videos in an open area in the state of California. This process was filmed by a casual witness who later posted the photos on a specialized forum.

IPhone Shooting Quality10, leaves much to be desired, but these photos are among the first to capture not only the previously announced model of the Lucid Air sedan, but also a crossover, the presentation of which was only known from insiders.

The prototype of the Lucid Air sedan was first shown yetin 2016. Since then, the company Lucid Motors, founded by immigrants from Tesla, has experienced regular financial difficulties that pushed the firm to the brink of bankruptcy. However, in 2018, Lucid was rescued by $ 1 billion in funding from Saudi Arabia's public investment fund. The lion's share of the financial infusion (about $ 700 million) will go to the construction of an automobile plant in Arizona, where it is planned to manufacture Lucid Air and the as-yet-unnamed electric crossover.

A few days ago, there were reports that inIn EPA testing, the Lucid Air electric sedan outperforms the Tesla Model S in autonomous driving range by nearly 200 km. Tesla Model S shows a result of 647 km, while Lucid Air - 832 km.

Previously there was information that the carLucid Air will be equipped with electric motors with a total capacity of up to 1000 hp, providing acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.5 seconds. The maximum speed of the electric car will be 350 km / h, and the battery capacity is 130 kWh. Naturally, for such indicators, as well as the declared innovative original design of the interior and body, you will have to pay: the price of a car, according to preliminary data, will be more than 100 thousand dollars.

About the future crossover Lucid Motors fromdevelopers have received absolutely no information. In the photos presented on the network, you can see that the design of the case has aerodynamic contours of the windshield and lower part of the doors similar to the Lucid Air. Also, the car of an unknown brand has received parts characteristic of the SUV class in the form of a massive "square" front end.

It is hoped that the Lucid Motors SUV, which appeared on the network in the "spy" photos, will be presented on September 9 at the big presentation of the Veste with the Lucid Air sedan

Source: electrek