Successfully tested the parachute system of the Boeing Starliner spacecraft (video)

Space Security System RequirementsNASA’s flights to the ships of two competitors Boeing and SpaceX were tightened back in 2017, which required additional tests. The next scheduled test of the Boeing Starliner parachute system was successful. Testing took place in the event of an emergency, when the process of their disclosure will be interrupted as a result of unpredictable factors.

In a test program engineers Boeing wasthe option of simulating a failure in the process of triggering the opening mechanism of the rescue system consisting of three parachutes was laid. According to the test plan, one of the parachutes did not open. However, the Starliner test capsule was able to land successfully with two parachutes two and a half minutes after the start of the test.

Testing data collected by developers,recognized by NASA as successful, it will be used in preparation for the re-flight of the Starliner to the ISS, as well as the first manned flight. Test data will be transmitted to NASA to study the possibility of using the results for flights of their own spacecraft. It is known that the design of the Boeing parachute system is similar to the design that NASA plans to use to ensure the safe return of people from the moon.

Our #Starliner parachutes and team performed with flying colors during a recent test. They showed that even under dynamic abort conditions and a simulated failure - astronauts would be safe.


- Boeing Space (@BoeingSpace) June 29, 2020
Main competitor Ilona Mask Boeing companyis preparing for the second test launch of Starliner for the ISS in unmanned mode. The first test, conducted in December 2019, was partially successful and the ship could not enter a given orbit for docking with the ISS. One of the reasons for the failure was the lack of comprehensive capsule testing necessary to identify problems in the control system. NASA gave Boeing another chance and gave the go-ahead to re-launch Starliner to the ISS. Currently, the date of re-testing Starliner’s flight to the ISS is still unknown.