Google's Task Mate app will provide additional income for any user (3 photos)

Google's new crowdsourced service forThe name Task Mate will allow any Internet user to receive additional income with minimal effort, and does not require high qualifications and professional knowledge. The service will offer to perform tasks that are simple for the user.

Task Mate app is currently underwaylimited testing in India and under the terms of the test allows "make money doing simple tasks on your smartphone." Using a system of referral codes, testers can find tasks in an accessible place, complete them and then cash out the income using an account on an electronic wallet or with financial partners of the project.

Google plans to offer tasks of twocategories "Home" or "Field assignments", which will indicate the time required to reach the goal on foot. The resulting data will be used to improve the mapping service or to promote a specific company on the Internet. The user will have to make either a translation from English into local national languages, or take a photo of a specific object.

Screenshots of the Task Mate test application available on the Internet show that the user can track the amount earned, the number of tasks completed, and other parameters.