The world's first bionic 3D eye introduced (video)

Scientists around the world are working on creatingartificial eyes that can restore vision to patients using cybernetic devices. Researchers from Hong Kong demonstrated a prototype of the world's first bionic eye, which allows to expand human capabilities and contribute to the process of restoring vision.

Most similar inventions are based.on the use of two-dimensional optical sensors. In a device created by scientists from Hong Kong, a model that imitates the human eye as much as possible is used. The prototype is called EC-Eye and is a concave spherical surface on which are placed microscopic optical sensors that simulate the retina of the human eye. The transmission of information from sensors is carried out using conductors of liquid metal, which are an imitation of the optic nerves.

During testing of the EC-Eye model,an artificial eye was placed in front of the computer monitor. Capturing images of large characters displayed on the screen showed a fairly clear transformation of information that allows reading information. The prototype, despite modest success, according to developers, has great potential in the future.

Improve the visual acuity of the EC-EyeIt is planned by increasing the density of optical sensors on the surface. In addition, the artificial eye is not limited in the spectrum of perception of light waves, which will allow the use of night vision and other features inaccessible to human organs of vision.

Source: newatlas