Presents a complex for remote control cars

The task of ensuring autonomous movementcars without drivers, is solved in various ways. Voyage startup developers suggest using the Telessist system, which allows you to control the car remotely using the original layout, which is stationary in the control center.

The engineers of the company created a pseudo-car placed on the base and using the adapted experience of real driving with the help of a system providing feedback with a real car.

The invention is based on the latest software that allows the operator to remotely control a connected vehicle, located in the Telessist Pod module simulating a cab.

The size of the Telessist Pod simulation cabin is notexceeds in volume the cabin of a standard auto class golf car and is equipped with standard controls for cars: steering wheel, gas pedals and brakes. To monitor the road and the surrounding stop, several computer displays are designed.

Time delay when broadcasting commands tophysical auto does not exceed 100 milliseconds. Such indicators are sufficient to ensure safe driving on cars moving at speeds up to 40 km / h, for which the Telessist complex was created. If the communication channel between the Telessist Pod and the physical vehicle is unexpectedly interrupted, the Remote Drive Assist system is activated.

Safety while traveling alsoprovided by the Voyage Shield automatic supercharged emergency braking system, fully developed for non-driver vehicles by the engineers of the same Voyage startup. In a real car, a lidar is also located, which provides control of the situation on the road and allows you to perform emergency braking when an emergency occurs.

Currently, negotiations on the implementation of the projectVoyage startups are underway with Taxi Villages in Florida. When implementing the project, the use of the Telessist system will be possible only with a limited speed mode of 40 km / h.

Source: voyage