LG's innovative flexible display solutions unveiled (video)

The unabated coronavirus pandemic continuesdrive presentations of leading corporations online. At the Society for Information Display 2020 (SID 2020) online conference, LG unveiled groundbreaking solutions for devices with flexible screens, which have become especially active this year. During the technological event, a 65-inch TV with a variable screen curvature and touch-sensitive transparent monitors were demonstrated.

LG's innovative technologies were showcased indemo video. The use of the latest technologies in the manufacture of OLED-matrices allows to bring to the market TVs with screens that change the curvature of bending, depending on the needs of the owner. For example, for games or watching movies, the degree of bending can be 1000R, and for presentations, the screen can be transformed into a completely flat monitor.

The LG convertible tablet with a curved 13.3-inch OLED display is designed in such a way that the owner can read notifications and see information icons without opening the device.

To decorate information stands or showcases, LG has created a translucent 55-inch OLED monitor (1920 × 1080) with a transparency level of 36%.

Another achievement of LG engineers wasdevelopment of a 4K display with a diagonal of 65 inches, which can be rolled up. The same model of a reduced size display with a flexible screen is capable of automatically resizing the active area depending on the broadcast image. This development can be used by designers in interior decoration and in the automotive industry. The time of the presented developments on the market, their cost and the timing of the start of production have not yet been announced.

Source: phonearena