Introduced Updated iPadOS 14 for Apple Tablets

During the Worldwide Developers ConferenceApple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which is already habitually taking place online, Apple has introduced many new products and announcements. Significant changes await users of tablets for which the iPadOS 14 operating system is designed, further revealing the technical capabilities of the large Multi-Touch display.

Apple engineers greatly simplified the design forIncoming FaceTime and phone calls, making it more compact and convenient to use. Now incoming calls will not occupy the entire screen, but will get the appearance of a small banner at the top of the screen, using which the user can answer or drop the call with one click.

Similar changes were affected by the Siri voice assistant, which will now be displayed at the bottom of the display and disappear when other applications are launched.

Universal search engine will be completely changedSearch. on the iPad. Users will be able to start searching for the necessary information from almost anywhere without leaving the open application. The search algorithm has become more powerful, and in the process of entering a request, the user will be offered the most relevant offers.

Using the search panel, you can now launch applications and search for contacts or documents.

Many applications have significantly improvedsidebars, including photos, files, photos, notes, a calendar, and Apple Music. Using convenient navigation made it easier to search inside the application.

Significant improvements have been made and supportdata entry using the Apple Pencil. Implementation of the Scribble function allows real-time transformation of handwritten text into print and integrate it into any text document. The function currently works for Chinese and English. The shapes of the drawn objects are also recognized, which allows you to depict perfect geometric shapes and insert them as diagrams or graphs in Notes.

The search engine can also work withhandwritten text. In addition, the algorithm recognizes addresses, phone numbers and dates, and provides the ability to enter data into a calendar, display a place on maps, and also make calls when you click on a recorded phone number.

The operating system for tablets, as well as iOS 14, received widgets, updated Memoji and messages.

Source: Apple