New 4K action camera DJI Osmo Pocket 2 presented (4 photos + video)

DJI company specialized in the production ofdrones and mechanisms for video stabilization, has announced an updated model of the DJI Pocket 2 action camera, which is a further development of the Osmo Pocket camera, which was introduced to the market in the fall of 2018.
Case design and dimensions of the secondgenerations of compact DJI action cameras have remained practically unchanged (weight increased by 1 gram from 116 to 117 grams). The main changes affected the internal components of the device. So instead of a 12 megapixel sensor in the first model, the new product received a 64 megapixel 1 / 1.7-inch sensor with a lens with a focal length of 20 cm and aperture f / 1.8.

Video recording is available in 4K format, with a frequency of 60frames per second and a bit rate of 100 Mbps. Supports HDR technology, 8x digital zoom without loss of quality, has a three-axis stabilizer and applied Hybrid 2.0 focusing.

The developers also updated the DJI sound systemPocket 2, which has four microphones instead of two. The audio system is able to suppress extraneous noise, highlight human speech and amplify it. The use of wired and wireless external microphones is available.

The use of a modular design allowsExpand the capabilities of your DJI Pocket 2 camera by connecting branded accessories such as the DJI Do-It-Al holder or charging case. The camera is controlled by the DJI Mimo app, available for both Android smartphones and iPhones. On the official DJI website, the camera is priced between $ 349 and $ 499, depending on the configuration.