Yamaha's new series of mountain e-bikes presented (9 photos)

At one time, Yamaha engineers were the first toback in 1993, it was proposed to install electric motors on bicycles. Since then, the corporation has been constantly improving and releasing new models of practical electric bicycles that can be used in various conditions. The latest update came in the mountain bike segment - the company introduced two new models equipped with a powerful electric drive and a computer for monitoring and control.

New electric bikes presented byYamaha branded YDX-MORO and YDX-MORO Pro, designed for cross-country and mountain road travel. Extreme riding on mountain trails with a drop in altitude is provided by the use of the E-bike PW-X2 system, which can effectively reduce the muscular effort of the cyclist. The control microcomputer will allow the bike owner to select the optimal mode from the five available in the PW-X2 system. These are Eco, Standard, High and MTB, MTB and EXPW. For Eco, Standard, High and MTB modes, wheel rotation is provided up to 120 rpm, and for EXPW mode, the speed increases to 170 rpm.

The second generation PW-X system usesa worm gear which, along with increasing power, reduces the noise generated by the bike. The PW-X2's Walk Assist mode can increase power when driving over rough terrain. The new series bicycles are designed with angle sensors and a Quad Sensor system, which optimizes the drive speed and cadence with the slope of the track to create maximum torque.

In the construction of YDX-MORO series bicyclesa double-frame, two-upright design is used to reduce saddle height without compromising rigidity. Autonomous power supply is provided by a 500 Wh lithium-ion battery hidden in the lower part of the frame and protected by a special frame. The ride comfort on mountain roads is ensured by the Horst Link suspension.

Yamaha YDX-MORO mountain bikes andYDX-MORO Pro will arrive in August. The base model YDX-MORO will be painted in Desert Yellow style, and for the YDX-MORO Pro version, the frame will be painted in blue and gray.

Source: slashgear