Microsoft spokesman spoke about the differences between the Xbox Series S console and the basic Xbox Series X (4 photos + video)

Continuous flow of insider information,telling about the future "budget" version of Microsoft's next generation game console Xbox Series S (Lockhart) forced the company to make an official announcement of the younger version of the console.

The company also announced the start date of salesof both consoles, slated for November 10 and launching worldwide. It also tells about the recommended prices for consoles. For Russian consumers, for example, the Xbox Series X model will cost 45,590 rubles, and the truncated version of the Xbox Series S is estimated at 26,990 rubles.

Xbox Series S technical detailscommented the head of Microsoft developers Jason Ronald. According to the specialist, the console will provide players with the ability to work with next-generation graphics, but at a lower resolution than the older Xbox Series X.

On both consoles, Microsoft willinstall almost identical processors - 8-core AMD Zen 2 with a frequency of 3.8 GHz for Xbox Series X and with a frequency of 3.6 GHz for Xbox Series S. The difference in configuration concerns, first of all, a video card and the absence of a floppy drive in the Xbox Series S ... Users who have bought a junior console from Microsoft will be able to play at 1440p at 120 fps.

The number of teraflops was not disclosed, but insiders believe that in the Xbox Series S performance will be about 4 teraflops, while in Series X this figure is 12 teraflops.

Support will also be available for Xbox Series Sray tracing technologies; and the ability to quickly launch games stored in the console memory. The Xbox Series S console offers 10GB of GDDR6 RAM (up to 16GB in Series X) with 224GB of bandwidth. The developers believe that the Xbox Series S in terms of performance will be 4 times higher than the current Xbox One S.