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Bill Gates' predictions: Tesla electric trucks won't save nature

Passenger cars and heavy trucks withinternal combustion engines emit a huge amount of harmful gases into the atmosphere of our planet. This has been going on for many decades and ultimately led to the development of global warming. At the moment, we are literally inside a greenhouse, the warm air of which melts glaciers and kills many animals. To somehow remedy the situation, technology manufacturers began to develop cars with electric motors that do not emit harmful substances into the air. Even Microsoft founder Bill Gates supports this initiative, but only partially. He recently reported that electric cars can indeed be effective in combating global warming, but electric trucks, in his opinion, are useless in this matter and can even be harmful. But why does Bill Gates think so?

Electric trucks are expected to save the world from global warming. but Bill Gates doesn't think so

Global warming risk

Bill Gates' skepticism aboutelectric trucks were told by Electrek. The founder of Microsoft has long since retired from running the company and is now better known for his thoughts on the future of humanity. In 2015, he announced that the countries of the world were completely unprepared for pandemics and was completely right. The coronavirus has caused tremendous damage to the global economy and we are still in a very difficult situation. But, according to Bill Gates, humanity could suffer even more. And the tough times won't come because of a fatal disease - global warming will be the cause. It can lead to both the occurrence of dangerous diseases and hunger, natural disasters and other horrors.

Global warming may be more dangerous than coronavirus

Entrepreneur on his Gates Notes blognoted that by releasing electric car models, manufacturers are on the right path. Competition in this segment of the market is very high, which means that already now people can choose between a huge number of electric sedans and sports cars. Electric pickups and trucks from General Motors, Ford and Tesla will soon be available to buyers, but Bill Gates sees little sense in them. In his opinion, electric motors can only be effectively used in passenger cars, and they are not suitable for heavy pickups and trucks.

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Cons of electric cars

He substantiated his opinion by the fact that theIn cars, batteries are large and heavy. Bill Gates has a Tesla Model X with a battery that takes up almost the entire bottom of the structure. Pickup trucks and trucks weigh more than cars, especially if they are carrying a load, which means they need even larger batteries. The result is a vicious circle: manufacturers use large batteries to cope with the weight of the trucks, which makes the vehicles weigh even more. By using electric motors in trucks, manufacturers can be stumped, leaving the Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Semi unnecessary.

Bill Gates in Tesla Model X

Do not forget that the process itselfproduction of batteries is very harmful to nature. Research has shown that in the production of one kilowatt-hour of car battery capacity, up to 200 kilograms of carbon dioxide are released into the air. That is, for each 100 kWh battery produced for the Tesla Model S, about 17.5 tons of harmful substances are emitted. Let me remind you that the increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of our planet is one of the main causes of the greenhouse effect, leading to the formation of the greenhouse effect. The numbers are very impressive and it is scary to imagine how much the emissions will increase if manufacturers begin to mass produce electric trucks.

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The future of electric vehicles

Most likely, Bill Gates is right, but the authors of the publicationElectrek noted that the entrepreneur left out one point. The fact is that at the moment scientists have not created an ideal power source and they are already working on creating compact and lightweight batteries capable of delivering a large amount of energy. Previously, there was no need to create compact batteries, so progress in their development was almost imperceptible. And now there is a demand for a technological breakthrough and someday it must happen.

Bill Gates has big fears about the future. In 2019, he compared artificial intelligence to nuclear weapons.

As an alternative power supply fortrucks, Bill Gates suggested using biofuels. This is the name of the fuel from plant and animal raw materials, which has the least effect on nature. In 2019, my colleague Alexander Bogdanov already talked about how biofuels are planned to be used in the aviation industry. At the moment, airplanes cannot fly exclusively on biological fuel, so it is mixed with kerosene in a 50/50 ratio. You can read more about this in this article.